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  Its an age reversal treatment assists synchronize our biological age with our actual calenderical age by reversing the  
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  It`s a mind-body-soul workshop, a program aimed at true well being of the mind, body and soul. It’s a therapy done to improve
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  This is a refreshing and revitalizing treatment mainly for the 5 sense organ and a stimulating therapy for the nerves.
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About Us

EARTH – Evergreen Ayurvedic Resort of Traditional Healing, a centre for treatment of different ailments through the application of classical and traditional Ayurveda practices. The system of Ayurveda practiced at EARTH has been developed over the ages and honed to perfection by the Kurias family of Kottayam. The family, with a legacy in Ayurveda that extends over four generations, initially specialized in toxicology (Visha Chikitsa). Today, EARTH provides holistic treatment for all ailments covering preventive, curative and wellness aspects. The knowledge gained from years of research has helped cure thousands of patients across India.

At EARTH, the focus is not merely on the disease but also on the Individual thereby providing personalized cure that helps defeat the disease at its source and prevent it from recurring. At Earth Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital, qualified and trained doctors are available for consultation and treatment of all types diseases. We have five fully- equipped treatment rooms with all modern amenities. Each and every patient is given personalized treatment by our well qualified and trained RMOs. Our pharmacy, Earth Extracts, provides medicines that are prepared from carefully selected herbs using traditional methods and utmost care.

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Kurias Earth Multispeciality Ayurveda Hospital
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